Sunday, March 09, 2008

Make Mine Meat Pie

Or just about any kind of pie.

Brain is always working overtime. Not a good thing. Pork chops on sale. I could buy three, we eat two one night and use the third with some frozen pork tenderloin and a piece of duck breast for a meat pie. Oops! Discovered I had use the big piece of tenderloin for my soup from a nail.

Nonetheless, frozen peas, organic carrots, mushrooms, onion, scallions, shallots, garlic, and red wine: all the good ingredients plus a frozen pie crust.

Significant Other off to the store to buy more pork chops. Now we’re cooking. Realized the recipe didn’t call for carrots or mushrooms. What the hell? We'll have kind of a pork stew meat pie.

Cooked up everything is the red wine and now it is in the oven with a pie crust on top, in a wine/sour cream sauce with the veggies scrumptious. Threw in 2 potatoes. Again, what the hell? Meat pie from a Nail.

This needs to last 3 nights. We'll have a salad of iceberg with cherry tomatoes, cukes and hmmm, something I can’t remember, oh yea, hearts of palm. Organic dressing. Tasty.

Weird Danish dessert from the Ocean State job lot. A foil packet of sour cherries and sauce. We eat it with vanilla yogurt. The job lot is my secret source for grocery bargains.

Another day with no writing, but I did a humongous cleaning of the files. Read the Times and the Globe. Still big fallout and opinions about the faux memoir business. Everyone has an opinion. Lots of Schaden Freude. You have to feel kind of sympathetic to anyone who fucked up that badly.

Sorry for the profanity. I watched The Wire and In Treatment and that word is omnipresent. I used it on the phone the other day when I was speaking to a computer and trapped in voice mail hell and it did about as much good as you would expect. Felt good, even rightous.

I really need to get cracking. Onward,


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