Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Feeding Flock of Robins

While running back and forth between the hospital and home, I haven't been inclined to write or even watch much TV, but I have, nonetheless, continued to take sustenance to my friends, the Highland Scottish Cattle.

A few days ago I noticed a humongous flock of robins in the pasture, and they continue to be there day after day. Must be something to eat. Maybe worms thrive in the cow patties, or some other delectable (in robin) goody is to be found.

Yesterday the cows ate the old Easter tulips. Speaking of tulips, the very bad rabbits are eating mine already. I am somewhat at a loss what to do. They did this last year, and totalled them. I won't plant anymore. The rest of the bulbs did not sprout up this spring. I'm still not sure about the muscari. Major bummer. Thanks a lot global warming.

I finished the novel, Oil, an excellent novel. Was prepared for more violence at the end. Suspect the movie went overboard showing the gore which was not described in any disgusting detail. The movie, of course, was There Will Be Blood.



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