Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Two authors I really enjoy reading

The two are:

Jacqueline Winspear who writes a series that takes place right after the first World War. Her character is Maisie Dobbs, who was a nurse during wartime and picks herself up and eventually becomes a private investigator. There's no profanity, no sex and not much violence. But Maisie is a compelling characters, fully developed and she holds our attention.

The second author is Rebecca Pawel. Pawel write a series, coincidentally, that takes place immediately after Spain's Civil War. Her character is a former teacher who married a "Guardia." Their politics are diametrically opposed, which creates interesting situations and conflict.

It's a bit strange that these are two new authors that I've been able to finish and look forward to more. I'm ready to reach each author's third book. I don't consider myself a fan of "historicals" and to me anything that happened in the 20th century is still contemporary. It's odd that I've fallen for two post-war series. Wonder why that is.

Grapeshot recommends. Enough said.

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