Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Really Good Sentence

Catching up on yesterday's news, including NY Times. (October 25). Reading review of The Beautiful Cigar Girl by Daniel Shashower. The reviewer is William Grimes. He said this, speaking of Edgar Allen Poe,
"Grandiose and self-loathing, always eager to bite the hand that fed him, Poe lurches through the book, drunk and desheveled, like a mangled saint."

"Like a mangled saint." Isn't that great? And how wonderful to come up with such a phrase under the pressure of deadlines and read the 326 page book.

From the review, the book sounds like an excellent read in the good sense of the phrase, not a "quick read" in the pass 3 hours on the plane sense of the phrase.

I am going to go to the gym and heft some weight. On the treadmill, I can finish the Maisie Dobbs book I'm currently reading. Speaking of a good read, there's nothing like a good book to make the miles on the treadmill go quickly.

Let's hear it for good books!

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