Thursday, October 26, 2006


Finally and at last I rewrote the first scenes of World of Mirrors, keeping the prologue. Hope it works. What is next is to tweak it 76 times as crime novelist Jerry Healy advises. And not send out until tweaked.

Re-writing one query and the first chapter has me psyched. What's next? Working on a talk I have to give about blogging. Found a great link (a great LONG link) yesterday about why blog?

If I get the speech done today, then what? Dance in the fallen leaves? Well, maybe better spread the manure and soil on the garden after hard-frost tidy-up.

I dance around in the kitchen to Zazie singing Desenchantee (forgive lack of accents). Cat looks at me like I'm possessed. Well? At least I don't attach the rug in the entry hall with kicking and biting.

A lecture on music tonight. Beetoven concert tomorrow. The slough still have little blobs of red leaves among the brown. But winter comes. Until then, a little night music.


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