Thursday, October 19, 2006

Naughty Mickey Mouse - Shame! Shame!

I kept seeing references to the big flap at Disneyland Paris with the practically porno goings on that someone (perhaps secretly) caught on video. It certainly is bad video, and with pruient curiosity finally getting the better of me, I googled around until I found it. One cannot, after all, be rigorously literary all the time. Have to admit I laughed out loud, mostly from the static character faces with their innocent, goofy frozen grins and the (rather harmless) lewd activities. In fact the whole thing struck me as harmless, just some employees goofing off before work, and of course it was the French, those uber-schwein, who sexualize everything. Well, Vive La France, I say, with the never-too-buried rebel coming to the fore, along with the high school sophomore.

In the likely event you haven't treated yourself to a good laugh lately, join the fun. Not for the kiddies, but I think they wouldn't have a clue anyway. All in good clean bad dirty fun. It took my mind off my publishing troubles for about 3 minutes.

Back to business,


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