Friday, October 20, 2006

MInd Like A Sieve

Writing, cooking, going to the gym, cleaning, querying, filing, brushing the cat, and writing a one-paragraph description of Promiscuous Mode. The rain pours down and there is a 52 mile backup going west on the Mass Pike. Life is full. Ran across a writing blog with good advice that we all should follow, if we write.

I'm trying to get ready for a library "event" and realize that the book I'll be pushing was written so long ago that I don't remember every little comma, hell, I don't even remember some of the charcter's names. It is really hard to go back to The Shadow Warriors (2003) for examples of research, characters, plot, locales, and all that good stuff. So what am I doing? You guessed it! I am reading my own book. Ouch! One sees things that could be just a little bit better. I'm 3 books beyond my first. Amazing, really, what does stay in one's head! The sex scenes! LOL Just joking.


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