Thursday, October 12, 2006


One more rejection via email from At least this letter was timely and courteous and actually called me by name. Said feel free to submit to them again. Of course a rejection coming from the intern is somewhat unsettling. I am hoping she gets the dirty job of emailing the rejects, not that she is the one who does the rejecting.

In the meantime, I'm going to do some cutting and rearranging of the beginning of World of Mirrors. Nothing major, just cut some "stuff" from the beginning.

Then I'm going to write the ending of Festival Madness and piece it together backwards until I can fit things together. Worked from the middle when I started the book and that seemed to work all right. Whatever works, works.

My desk is a hideous mess which wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't cleaned it off yesterday. Two meetings will do that.

Significant Other is cutting a CD of photos from the Adirondack Trip including some taken from the sea plane. So stay tuned. A roll of film from the non-digital camera came out blank. We are still scratching our heads. The peach tree is Gerlach has been feeding all of Gerlach and much of the Bay Area. How do you like them apples?


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