Monday, September 04, 2006


TBRITU is short for The Best Ribs in the Universe. Can't say they were the best, cuz I ain't tried them all, but these were smokin' in more ways that one.

Tender, smoky and tasty. When we took them out of the smoker (see previous post) they didn't fall off the bone, but you could see the tenderness. I brushed them with just a smidgeon of KC Barbecue Sauce mixed with a little honey. Yum!

The coleslaw wasn't too shabby and the corn was so good it needed neither salt nor butter. Ah, but the ribs. We restrained ourselves to save enough for a second meal. The deep smoky flavor was divine. You can do wondrous things with smoke. We used hickory blocks and chips. What else would one use for ribs?

Lovely Labor day and evening here in Massachusetts. Took a walk around the town. Yesterday, in the rain saw a deer with her half-grown fawn. . Walking in a light drizzle is nice. A meal of home-smoked ribs is nice. Count blessings. Find many.

One of these days someone with the power to print will even love one of my books. Zowie!

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