Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Suspicions Confirmed

Miss Snark opened a hornet's nest with her comments about the Sobol novel contest. Amonst the gazillion comments was this from anonymous:

"Believe me, I've worked in a few literary agencies, and 99% of the stuff that comes in never makes it past the first paragraph of the query letter. Our agents use everything possible to make money, including taking the unused stamps off your SASE. Worse than that, we would spend our days amusing ourselves with stupid entries and gimmicks. Think your material is awesome? Well, give it to a room full of recent college grad interns who believe their work should be looked at before yours, and they'll tear your masterpiece to shreds--literally and figureatively speaking. "

I've had this sneaky hunch for a while. Anonymous has confirmed same. Just one more reason to . . . suck it up!

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