Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Le Train des Enfoirés

Finally, finally the mailman delivered the CD's of Le Train des Enfoirés to the door. This is music I heard on an Air France flight last winter and had a helluva time finding in this country. Amazon wanted $60.00 or some such nonsense. At last through a European connection the CDs were found and then mailed. The albums are made to raise money for worthy causes, in this case against hunger. The singers donate their talent. There's an oddball mix of music, from traditional French music hall to much more current stuff. But good. I am enchanted.

More agent queries mailed today. Tonight is my writing group and only 3 of 9 could attend so we bagged it. Not everyone is as committed as Grapeshot, who has writing group right up there with God, Mother and Country.



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