Friday, September 22, 2006


Today is OneWebDay (OWD) a celebration of the Internet's ability to create communication, collaboration and let all participate.

What does the web mean to me?
My web page, my blog, easy communication within the writing and other groups I belong to. Online banking, online research, online friends. Seeing my book for sale and my blurb on Amazon. My voyeur impulses sated. No, not what you think but checking out stranger's blogs and feeling kinship. It's cool to post my cats photos on the web. Burning Man. Email. What would we do without email? The web makes life easy and even complicated, but then that's life. I love to be able to sit at my PC in my jammies and order a book or cosmetics or a sweater at 1:00 a.m. I can research just about anything. Today it was re-mailers. Yesterday it was keyloggers and CAT Scans.
The world is at our fingertips. Get a new job! Sell that stuff in the attic. Find a pet. Blog your pet, your new baby, your world. It's my world too.
The web is cool. Very cool.


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