Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mystery Readers are People People

Mystery readers don't like technology. Agents don't like technology. Who does like technology? Let's hear a great big cheer for technology. What's that? I hear boos and grumbling in the background.

The last few days, in Festival Madness, I've written about keyloggers and re-mailers. Technical? Yes? Fascinating? I think so. Basically, long ago I said "screw it! I'll write about what I want to write about."

This is the information age and no one wants novels about technology? How crazy is that?

Everyone who read The Shadow Warriors liked it. Well, O.K., maybe 50 people. Naturally there's violence and conflict and craziness, a little sex, a little booze, rock and roll, drugs. All the good stuff. Good to read about.

What do mystery readers like? Families, cats, knitting, gardens,corpses,tea,tea cozies? I think the genre is broad enough for a little techical folderol. No? Damn! Pass my smelling salts.


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