Friday, September 01, 2006

Burning Man Revisited

It's all about fire and dust and the Black Rock Desert and playa art and body art and the music the wind makes and the pounding techno beat and fire dancing and flame throwers and flowers in the desert and lust and flight and friendship and food and fellowship and geeks painting their toenails and putting on sequined dresses and bridesmaids and faux weddings and more dust and bicycles and city streets and an airport and joining the mile high club and tThe Body Shop peppermint foot balm and booze and sneaking off to the hot springs and catching a ride on an art car and the sunlight and moonlight and daylight and dustlight and sometimes the forty thousand foot wrath of god thunderhead and the light on the desert and the backdrop of mountains and the dust and did I mention the craziness and the margaritas and the porta-potties and piss clear and stay hydrated and proffer gifts and dance and dream and participate and leave no trace and this is all just for starters.


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