Thursday, August 31, 2006

Still No Agent

Turned down again. Poor old World of Mirrors. The agent loved it, but the principal of the agency did not. What's a person to do? Well, we know the name of this blog, right?

I still have a bunch of query letters out there. My current book is coming along. We know there are cat mysteries, dog mysteries, knitting mysteries, gardening mysteries, herb mysteries, antiques mysteries, museum mysteries, golf, ice skating and baseball mysteries, chick lit, hen lit, every occupation, country, genre and hobby known to man and woman, but where are the computer crime mysteries, she asked?

I'm going to have a big stiff drink, very mature of me, naturally, and watch a little of the U.S. Open (don't really know of any tennis mysteries, although I loved "I Spy." )

Below is the synopsis of World of Mirrors. I can just see the movie credits rolling.

The setting is an island off the Baltic coast in the former DDR, and the year is 1990, the “time of the turn.” The Berlin wall has crumbled, but Germany is not yet reunified.
Against the seductive decadence of an old resort with its classic sailboats, nude beaches and crumbling casinos, Zara Gray, a consultant to high tech firms, and T.K. Drummond, a man who finds people and fixes situations, must track down an American software thief before he can sell a stolen copy of his company’s bleeding edge new computer system to the KGB and East Germany’s former States Security Police.
Zara narrates the story, always wondering who she and T.K. are really working for and whose side his sadistic colleague is on. Is the handsome Russian a ship’s captain or its KGB officer? Is the software thief’s girlfriend a sex spy or an innocent dupe? And why has the thief cozied up to the formerly feared Stasis?
When they hope to discover answers, an innocent sailing weekend turns deadly, and they can no longer trust anyone. Zara and T.K. must rely on two unlikely people to help them escape the island: the man they’ve come to find and a North Vietnamese sailor who wants political asylum. A cat and mouse game across the foggy sea ensues, and when the couple thinks they have escaped the matrix of betrayal, the Soviet captain boards their boat in a final violent confrontation. No longer certain that she can even trust T.K., in a desperate gambit, Zara negotiates a surprising compromise and turns the tables on everyone.

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