Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Seeing My World

Since my "retirement" to write, I've been out and about more, admiring the summer gardens as I drive by in daytime, appreciating the friendliness of people stocking the shelves in the local CVS, traipsing to the hardware, the post office (sending those queries out) and enjoying my world.

I am not a physical person, but rather a mental person, which is to say most of my life is lived in my mind. Physical people take a walk to walk, full speed ahead, damn the torpedos, stop and smell the roses? Hell, no. It is the physical act of walking they like to experience. Me, I would rather amble along, looking at the wildflowers, the birds, the clouds, seeing the world. If I have to pick up the pace, it's grumpily.

Yesterday's walk: The birch trees have some yellow leaves, and I saw red and orange leaves on a bush. The acorns are falling. This year, the pine cones on the walk are weird looking things which are hard to distinguish from the dog poop that people don't scoop up. A baby bunny hopped by the slough. I haven't heard any bull frogs lately. Hoping the otter didn't eat them all. My ruby throat comes daily, and yesterday there was a cat bird on the suet, along with the woodpecker and the tufted titmouse (one of my favorites).

Last year I bought a goldenrod plant for the rock garden that borders the woods. Why in God's name would anyone buy goldenrod? I see it now in spades, all over everyplace. Mine doesn't get enough sun and isn't even blooming. Stupid! Sneaky rabbit is eating wild plants in rock garden, not the planted ones. No goldfinches on the new feeder yet.

Wrote almost 10 pages of Festival Madness in the past days. Threw the Molotov Cocktail yesterday. Figured out more details of the plot between 4:00 and 4:30 this a.m., then slept the sleep of the just until 10:00. My bad!

Ate nothing but peach pie for dinner last night. I have concocted a delicious topping of mascarpone, half and half (to thin), vanilla and a bit of Equal. Yum!

Grapeshot who has not been sucking it up much the last few days.

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