Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Home Alone

S.O. is away for a few days and the other denizens of the household are not too swift, being mostly attack cats. This is a good news/bad news situation. On the good side, I can go to three movies in succession if I like, and eat lamb chops and chicken wings and all the foods he professes not to like. Must confess to an addiction to Breaded Parmesan Chicken Wings. The lamb chops were pretty good, too, and again, you can gnaw the bones. That's the good news part.

The bad, I'm afraid, outweighs the good. I have to clean the cat box and take out the garbage as well as empty the dishwasher. The bed has remained mostly unmade. Worse yet, I put an exercise DVD in and pumped iron for half an hour. It took another half hour to figure out how to get the TV set to work again. And ye Gods, this morning the electricity went off twice. Grapeshot had to figure out how to reset the microwave clock and the clock radio clock. S.O.'s computer sported a black screen. I'm a PC person, not an Apple person, and after much head scratching, I got his computer back on. Then it asked for a password. I tried some of the usual ones to no avail. The thing was, I needed the computer to get to some information I needed to fax him.

Using cunning and guide, I finally I got the correct fax number with country code, then I had to use our fax machine, not a part of my normal rituals. Glory Be and Hallelujia, the fax went through, and of course all of these machinations took up most of the morning.

I have written a few (precious few) pages. There are tremors of good news on the agent front, but I won't jinx myself by discussing it. May be a false alarm.

I am going out for a walk which is a "to do" item on my endless list. We had a nice rain this morning, and the world is cool and green and I won't have to water tomorrow, so that item can be scratched off. Maybe another movie tonight.

Cats are on a diet and not liking it one bit. Escaping the house to avoid their endless wailing is a good thing. Has anyone ever constructed a kitty wailing wall?

Curious minds want to know.



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