Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

So what's going on with all the queries? For World of Mirrors, I still have 10 outstanding and 3 rejects. An agent wrote this week and wanted the first 30 pages which are now in the entry hall with a bunch of weird stamps, ready to go into the mail. One agent still has the complete manuscript and is almost a month late responding, so I am sending more queries out.

Promiscuous Mode still has 7 queries out, including the entire manuscript, and that agent is seriously overdue having had the book since April. Yes, April. Most recently, I've received three rejections. This is the book my writer's group is so keen on. And the feedback from the agent who actually read it was excellent, except he doesn't handle this cozy/romantic suspense stuff. It's really an edgy cosy, and as for the romantic suspense, boy doesn't get girl and that whole business ends poorly and sadly. I was practically in tears when I wrote the breakup scene. It's actually a pretty cool book. If only someone would buy it.

About the weird stamps. Before we moved, I went through some boxes of my mom's stuff, sadly throwing away her garden club ribbons, consolation letters about my Dad's death, all the stuff it tears your heart to toss, but toss one must. Anyway, I came across a big envelope with a bunch of old unused stamps, maybe $30 worth. I've been using them up little by little and we are coming down to the wire. Lots of 22 cents stamps, and plenty of oddball others. In a couple months, they, too will be gone. I think of my mom every time I get the envelope out and try to come up with 39 cents.

I've been looking at airports where one can rent a certain kind of plane within an easy flying distance to Reno. For the current book. And I've thought a lot about the Molotov cocktail and how that will work out. And the surprise visit of the handsome French pilot. As weird luck would have it, S.O. will be flying the pilot's airline next week. Life imitating art all over again.

Grilled Adobo Chicken tonight, and had rice and a HUGE veggie stir fry with all the good summer produce. Delicious. Made some peach muffins with the peaches we picked a few days ago. Most still not ripe.

This blog was featured on Technorati last night.

We must be entering the Dog Days of August.



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