Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Am Going to Set My Hair On Fire!

That's how frustrating "things" are. Some of the current wisdom is that it's harder for a beginning author to find an agent than a publisher. Today I got hold of a list of small press publishers that publish mystery and suspense.
Practically none of these small, friendly publishers are accepting submissions. If they didn't say so outright, there were no submission guidelines on their websites, or the site was a horror show to navigate with missing linkes, etc., or they've already gone belly up and the link was dead. I looked thru 87 publishers and found MAYBE 3-4 that I can submit to.

Folks these are not good odds. To console myself, I ate a portion of a grilled rib eye with corn just picked this afternoon, also grilled, fresh asparagus and a vegetable medley from last night. Good Italian bread. No need for dessert. Had a couple of swigs of cheap rum on ice.

Well, it's time to give the cat her insulin shot. She's under the bed, of course. So far I have jabbed myself, Significant Other and bent a needle so badly I had to toss it. We console her with catnip and a good brushing.

Would that I could be so readily consoled.


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