Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Murder In The North Woods by Judith Copek

She’s into high tech. He’s into homicide. The Northwoods rock and roll when a savvy cyber-sleuth teams up with a hunky homicide cop to route corporate miscreants and to solve a murder. Murder in the North Woods is an amateur sleuth mystery with some cozy, and some noir elements. When she arrives in Wisconsin’s North Woods to determine who is sabotaging an unpopular business project, Laura Goode discovers her only contact is now a corpse. Gar Morris, information officer at Great Northern Shoe Company, was a local lothario whose killer could be anyone from an enraged husband to a bitter factory worker whose job is heading overseas. Along with murder, office politics thwart Laura’s mission to find out who is sabotaging the project. Adding more complications to her life, boyfriend Jack, a cop and husband Taylor, with more money than sensitivity, appear unannounced alternate weekends. Who needs these distractions when you’re swanning from boardroom to bar room, trolling for bass, hunting hackers, and rescuing your kidnapped cat? A nude biker’s club and the whitewater raft trip from hell provide a bizarre but thrilling climax. Why did I write Murder In the North Woods? Along with 5.3 million others, I toiled in information technology. They say nothing bad ever happens to a writer, so when a Dilbert-like computer-reengineering project ground me up, I turned my experience into a novel. The setting is a fictional town in Wisconsin, modeled on one where everyone’s livelihood depends upon one local industry.

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