Thursday, January 24, 2019

PEN Literary Awards

 2019 Pen Literary Award Finalists  have just been announced.  You will certainly want to read the books of some of the nominees.

2019 Pen Literary Awards Shortlist

Support Literary Fiction.  You will not likely see these books on the best seller lists, but that doesn't mean they are not excellent reading.  Stretch your mind a little.

Did you see ROMA?  An excellent unusual movie, and absolutely unbeliveable that it is nominated for best picture.  Not the sort of movie that normally makes that list. 

I had a friendly discussion on Facebook about whether the movie showed enough "feelings." My take was that it showed huge feelings.  A writer friend disagreed.  Now I am feeling vindicated. Have you seen ROMA?   It's available on Netflix.  And still in theaters due to the nomination. 

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