Saturday, August 01, 2015

From Montana to Massachusetts

This blog, formerly titled "Suck It Up"  was hacked by a person of porn, and since password changes did nothing to prevent this, my only recourse as been to make posts that didn't come from my computer go into draft mode. She (he) is still at is, and I'm getting tired of deleting the icky posts. Finally, I thought that perhaps changing the name of the blog, but not it's URL would foil her. Or him. Or it.

Good God! Have you tried to find an original name for a blog lately? And my posts dart hither and yon and I talk about writing, food, cats, more writing, gardening, nature. A woman of many interests. But that title is already taken. So: the new title is from Montana (where I was born) to Massachusetts (where I live now  in the Boston area.) No one has that. There have been nine states between MT and MA and Lord know how many cities and residences. Don't even want to think about it. Decided the topic could mean anything and it does, where my wimsy takes me.

I've been in every state except Hawaii and am working on that.

Hope this works, because I can't find anything in Blogger that indicates how you foil these people.  So annoying.

Anyhow, I've moved, so to speak.  From Montana to Massachusetts. 

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