Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fish or Cut Bait: A Guppy Anthology

So how can small tropical fish have an anthology?  The Guppies are a branch of Sisters in Crime, a (mostly) female group of crime writers.  Originally, the Guppies were all unpublished writers, and usually when one was published one detached from the group, but the Guppies were actually so much fun and so supportive of one another that many writers, including moi, stayed in the group long after they reached the goal of publication.
The Guppies of Sisters In Crime

 Fish Or Cut Bait is the 3rd Guppy Anthology, with stories all vetted by judges.  The stories don't have to be about fish, but mine is.

Years ago, the CIA opened their museum periodically, and one of the wonders was a robot fish.  Don't think they ever used it, but my fertile mind thought that might make a good story, and eventually I wrote "The Insurrection"  and shopped it around and it has finally found a home in Fish Or Cut Bait.

The hero of the story is Francis, the robotic fish.  Francis is a Gaftopsail Catfish.

Isn't he lovely?    The female of the species  hatches her eggs in her mouth.  Francis gets involved with the Iranian navy, sea snakes, Somali pirates and Colombian drug subs.
This story was so much fun to research and to write.    If you need a gift for someone who likes to read crime fiction, but  is perhaps not into "dark" stories, Fish or Cut Bait would make a wonderful gift.  I like to read short stories on the treadmill, because while your body is getting a workout, so is your mind.

Here is a link to Amazon. Buy Fish Or Cut Bail at Amazon 
Take Francis and his friends home with you.  You won't be disappointed. 

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