Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Party Menu with A Spanish Theme

Part of the buffet table\

Viva España


Marcona Almonds Plain & Rosemary

Green & Black Olives

Mancheco Cheese

Iberico Cheese

Grilled yellow, orange and red peppers in olive oil *

Tortilla España *


Andalucian  Tomato Bread *

Gourmet Breads

Gazpacho *


Chicken Marbella *
Rice *


Spanish potato, egg and onion torte


Soft drinks 
Sangria by Hallie 

I cooked the starred items;  Peppers broiled on the grill, weather cooperating.  The Tortilla Espana (potatoes, egg and onion cooked in oil) I also made the day before.  I don't flip it, but put it under the boiler to finish.  The chicken begins marinating the night before the party.  I cooked it and the rice immediately before dinner.  Made the gazpacho the day before, too, an ancient 1964 recipe from Gourmet.  Very easy and very good.  Had to learn how to change the settings on my mandolin type slices for the potatoes.  Husband had a better knack than I did, so I let him slice away.  The Andalucian  tomato bread is also what Spaniards eat for breakfast as I did today.  Surprisingly tasty, and also simple to make. Desserts were American fare, as was the salad.  When friends volunteer to cook, you have true friends indeed.  The Chicken Marbella is from the Silver Palate Cookbook, a classic recipe. We played Spanish music to heighten the mood.  Viva España

Roasted peppers and ham
                                                                   Not always easy to find the proper Spanish ingredients in our suburb, but thanks to Trader Joe, Roche Brothers and Whole Foods, with stops for paper and plastic products at Christmas Tree Shops and The Dollar Store, we got everything we needed.   The party venue was our condo clubhouse, so everything had to be schlepped there and back.  Yikes!  

Edith's superb sour dought bread.  Yum!


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