Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Judith Copek Interviewed on Dames of Dialog

Here is the link: Judy's Interview

Readers and often writers profess a fascination with "the writing life."  Every writer is different, but there are certain procedures many of us follow. 

Plotting for example.  Did you know there are pantsers and plotters?  Pantsers write by the seat of their pants with no outline and often not knowing where their story is heading.  Plotters, on the other hand, have an (often) detailed outline of the story before they sit down to write.    Of course many of them stray from the outline, just as some pantsers will decide to jot down on outline in the middle of their story.

By outline, we don't mean I, A, i, a etc., although one could do that.  A writer's outline could be story notes, a narrative, a spreadsheet, even stickies in sequence. 

I usually know the beginning, the ending and some key scenes in  the story, then I string them together and come up with many more scenes.  As I write, I can see a bit further into the details of the future, and as I write, I get to know my characters.  Every writer does it differently. 

Set in Boston's High Tech World and at The Burning Man Festival

Festival Madness was published after the interview was already complete.

Set on the Island of Ruegen

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