Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why I Decided to Self-Publish Festival Madness With Amazon

It took five years to write my novel, Festival Madness, conceived in 2002, and written 2004-2007, the second book in a proposed series. I write slow. Sought an agent/publisher for another 4 years.  Almost 100 queries.  Nada.  Rewriting and polishing were my daily companions.  Let the whole project lie fallow for a couple years while I finished another book and began yet another one.  

What happened?

I had a gender-bender, which is to say:  a traditional mystery novel with lots of technology and partially set at Burning Man with a morally compromised amateur sleuth. 
 I don't think this book can find a publisher is the U.S.  Ever,  
Fans of mystery novels don't mind if the sleuth drinks, drugs, murders, lies and steals, but there is one sin she must never, ever, commit. Holy freakin' crap.  Think! The "A" word.

And it's a pretty cool story.  After all, it's a mystery, with ripped from the headlines technology, Burning Man, Boston high-tech, funny hackers, and a morally conflicted amateur sleuth, ergo a little (just a little) well, racy.  

If you like a main character who is as pure as the driven snow, don't bother.

Otherwise, get ready for a fun read with plenty of surprises, and a trip to Burning Man,  2004-style, Not so many people.   Got  your food?  Water?  Shelter?  Costumes?  Place to camp?  Transportation?  Booze?  Ticket?  Got to have a ticket. Ready to roam the playa at night?  Hang out at Center Camp during the day?  See the art and meet the people.  Join the craziness?  Maybe even join the Mile High Club?  

Anything is possible when you have Festival Madness!

Currently available on the Kindle.  Soon to be a Trade Paperback.  


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