Saturday, March 30, 2013

Some food ideas for Easter and beyond

Anyone  looking for a potato/cheese/sausage recipe for Easter morning take heed:

Betty Boop's Sausage Casserole    

This was my mom's recipe from the seventies.

We're having ham with a mustard/red currant glaze served with a rhubarb conserve.  (Bon Appetit 2003).   The sides will be mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes and steamed green and white asparagus.  Fresh pineapple and strawberries for dessert.

On a kinda-sorta diet that omits carbs except in fruit.  The mashed cauliflower was quite yummy.  I added a bit of cream, butter and nutmeg.  Just a bit.

Lovely spring day in New England.  Snow melting gradually, as it should be.  Lots of bird activity, giving the cats something to look at from the windows. 

Chicken soup tonight, from a leftover roast chicken,  I have taken to removing the chicken's backbone and splaying it across the roasting pan.  It cooks evenly and much faster.  Set it on a bed of onions and lemon slices.  Put chopped garlic and thyme springs on top with plenty of salt and pepper and a sprinkle of paprika.  Really yummy. 

Must do some cooking now.  Happy Easter!  As a kid I used to compose an "allelulia" for the piano every Easter.  I had never been told I couldn't do these things, so I did.   Weird what kids do.  Wish I still had that imagination.



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