Friday, November 16, 2012

Simple Menu for Thanksgiving Dinner

Squash and Apple soup

Herb Roasted Turkey
New York Times Stuffing (World’s Best!)
Pan Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Brussels Sprouts with Shallots and Salt Pork
Cranberry Fruit Conserve a la Ina Garten

Brown Butter Apple Tart


The Brussels sprouts and the brown butter apple tart are new this year, from Bon Appetit, I believe.  Significant Other not big on pumpkin.  I'll make myself a pie sometime over the holidays.  I am of the old school (by now a voice crying in the wilderness) that you put the stuffing in the bird.  Of course you cook the remainder in a casserole, then you mix the two.  The in-the-bird stuffing defies expectations it tastes so good. I bought a special free range organic turkey today, a small one, as there's only three of us.  I'll  use the neck, any extra fat, and the giblets to make a good stock, with plenty of herbs and seasonings. I am one of the best gravy makers you will ever meet.  My dad taught me the trick.  Equal parts of fat and flour.  I use the turkey fat from the bottom of the roasting pan.  SAVE EVERY SCRAP OF "FOND".   Don't make more gravy than you have fat for.  Use your broth and plenty of salt and pepper.  It's really simple.  Cook and stir and pay attention.  Voila!        

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