Wednesday, July 18, 2012

“I begin with an idea, and then it comes something else.” Pablo Picasso

Is that a great  quote  or what?  Got my second Amazon review yesterday. Sent out books to friends who did favors, etc. 

Can you believe that in this day and age some people don't know how to go to a web site or even Amazon and order my book?   Very strange. 

Some critters are eating the ripening tomatoes.  Went to Home Depot.  They didn't have anything to use on food, so I used the cat food containers with moth balls to deter the squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits or whoever.  

Lazy day today.  Cooked a big farm breakfast:  bacon, potatoes, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, and chives all together in a big skillet.  No food in the house and we had to eat rye crisp with the eggs.  

To the store. As usual a huge bill and it took forever to put everything away.  Watched the golf this a.m., and surprised to see Ernie Els walking off with the prize.  Eschewed Red Sox game because, well, it was just too horrible.  Sat on the deck and read the Sunday papers with a glass of lemonade.      Made lime butter and grilled fresh wild Atlantic salmon.  Put the lime butter on grilled corn on the cob as well.  Big fresh salad.  Enough fish left for lunch tomorrow.         

After dinner I finished reading the paper, watching Lawrence Welk on PBS.  1972, and such a time capsule.  Tribute to George Gershwin.  Did he ever right a lot of great songs!  Laughed at 70's clothes and hair styles.   Too, too. 

 Watched "Lewis" on PBS.   Good, but always hard to understand the dialog.  What is it with the BBC?  Not mumblecore, but worse.  

    Tried to bring peace and love to the feline world.  Thisbe has been groomed all week and is finally lump free.  Rulon horns in on her grooming time which really pisses her off.  The little kitty just sleeps, eats, and plays with her mouse.  Looks out the window at the birds and the chipmunks.  

I didn't write nor did I work on my web site.   Created a huge maintenance problem with my client-side image map.  Don't ask.   Well, it has to happen this week.  I upgraded the operating system to Lion and that has caused a few problems.  Just the learning curve.  

The cucumbers are taking over the garden and soon the yard and they'll be marching down the street.  Ye Gods!    

Yawning.  Well, it's bed time.   Lots of mags to read and I'm into two books, both good but a little too exciting for bed time.  



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