Tuesday, June 19, 2012

World of Mirrors: first 3 weeks after publishing

My novel will be out for three weeks on Friday.  Wonderful to hear from some many old friends who are also readers.  I still don't have my own stack  of books as I ordered late.  What was I thinking of?  Maybe they will arrive tomorrow.  The time between the galley proofs and publication was very short.  That is the beauty and value of small presses and ebooks.  It can happen overnight.  Really.

Of course there has also been a certain drudgery of promotion.  This page, that page, updating everywhere on the web  with the 2nd book.  Probably ten places and now to find reviewers.  I tell 'ya it's a full time job.

And I'm trying to write my NEW book.  One of these days I have to look for agent/publisher for last finished book.  And why do agents only want "cozies" these days?  No way is Chased By Death a cozy.   For readers unfamiliar with the term "cozy," well, a cozy is a mystery novel where more tea than blood is spilled.   Think Miss Marple.

Gardening chores beckon.  The house isn't cleaning itself, now, is it?  The cats are  fighting.  Thisbe still attacks the new kitty who is very calm and sans souci.  She loves to sit on the cat perch and look out the front window at the birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and the occasional chicken.  Gardeners, people walking dogs, joggers--it's a big world out there.  She was on the bed last night, displacing 2nd cat Rulon who just wishes everyone would get along!  He does not care for all this sturm und drang at all.

In the meantime, there is soccer, golf and baseball.  For some, tennis and basketball.   We take a walk when the weather is nice.   Days are full.

Tonight I'm fixing spicy shrimp with rice and bok choy.  Strawberries for dessert.  The cukes and tomatoes are doing great in the garden, and the mesclun just keeps coming.  The garden is full of red flowers and I hope my little hummingbirds like them.   Another chore:  mix up the hummingbird nectar weekly.  Replenish the seed and suet.                                                                    
Of course the best part of the day is late afternoon on the deck with the sun in the west, the woodpeckers on the suet, birdsong in the woods, and a cool beverage at hand.  Then it's back to the PR chores.

I'm so pleased to get another book published.  Eleven years between books is a lifetime.

Here are links to Amazon and to my publisher:

Wings ePress

World of Mirrors: Trade Paperback and ebook




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