Monday, April 23, 2012

Eatin' is good at the OK Cafe

I find myself in the Atlanta area for a week.  Somewhat gloomy weather and sun and COLD today.  Last night I ventured to the OK Cafe for a bang up Southern meal.  Fried chicken, green beans, Waldorf salad, and a corn muffin (Praise Be) without sugar.  Very tasty.  Big crowd, lots of kids, nobody crying.  Wine choices limited to one red and one white(this being the South) but the red was potable.

Here is the link: The OK Cafe

Trying to get accustomed to a futon, a strange kitchen and the keyboard from hell.  On a old iBook G4 and the mouse I'm using becoming recalcitrant.  May try to write by hand, an outrageous idea.

Lots of big green satin bows on the mailboxes, etc., to celebrate Earth Day yesterday.  Somewhat unusual, but hey, at least they weren't plastic.

Miss Significant Other, the cats, the garden, and my own kitchen and bed.  Computer, too.  Will miss writing group tonight,  Ah well.  Coming home tomorrow.  A belated Happy Earth Day to all.


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