Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Day Four of SmashWords E-Book Giveaway

The Shadow Warriors is NOT a romance, but the novel contains definite elements of Romantic Suspense.   I like just a soupcon of "him and her" stuff, don't you?   It always adds another dimension to the reading experience.   Happens in all my books, always messy,  usually with a bad outcome, but still . . .

Here is the link to the free book.  You will have to key in a code which the page will provide.  Nothing tricky.

Get The Shadow Warriors as a free e-book on Smashwords!

Speaking of e-books. last night I began reading Steve Ulfelder's Edgar nominated book (best first novel), Purgatory Chasm.  Promises to be a good read.   Loved the beginning.  Lots of unanswered questions, too.  I like it when an author doesn't try to explain everything on the first page.  He tells us just enough.                                   

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