Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Changing Email Wars

One of my resolutions for the year was to change my email address. One of the last tasks was to migrate my 450+ list of contacts. Pure comma delimited hell. The file exported all right, but the new email provider offered only limited help unless I ponied up $59.99. Ha! Not bloody likely.

I have been struggling with this task for 4 hours, and I finally was able to import only the email addresses, but somehow not the first and last names. The email addresses are what I would normally miss-key, so now I just have 425 first and last names to key. Oh, the fun that will be.

Now get this: the software required you to INTUIT the column headings. I just got (finally) email right. When I'm done, I can export the file to my other address on this system.

I did not set my hair on fire, but I also did not do any writing.

Have I mentioned I have the WORLD'S BEST MEATLOAF RECIPE. I might have had time to share that, too. But no!

Victory against the forces of stupidity, cupidity and bad technology! I have prevailed.

A pyrrhic victory, to be sure. Arrrghh!

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