Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Readin' Writin' and Arithmetic

Why haven't I been posting?  After 2+ weeks of houseguests, there has been the laundry from hell, followed by the ironing from hell.  Yes, readers, I actually iron napkins and pillowcases, linen hand towels and cotton handkerchiefs.  Sometimes it piles up.  I always watch the Food Network while I'm ironing.

And the house was piggy.  We are in the process. Must have hauled 50 pounds of paper out of the office, with  50 more to go.  Had to find a big error in my ibank accounting.  No fun at all.  (That was the arithmetic).

I read One Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley, a wonderful book.  I bow to her writerly expertise.  Now I have to get cracking on Sarah's Key for the new bookclub.

Reading  and Arithmetic explained.

Writing:  hey, I'm 14 ,000 words into my novel.  Someone in my writing group said she didn't like the character and the book was boring, so I have been thinking about that.  Did a little bit of tweaking what the character wants. Not what an author wants to hear.  First drafts are hell.  Is this the traditional shi__ty first draft?  Probably.  Anyway, I am on my way.  It's been hard to get into.  Much work to do.  Exciting!!! 

I read the Burning Man part of Festival Madness, and totally cannot understand why this book hasn't sold.  The energy!  The craziness!  Dare I say the originality?  So much fun.  Kindle and POD, here I come.  This novel just has to see the light of day.

Off to meet a friend for lunch.  When we worked together, we ate lunch every day.  That was one of the best things about work.  Lunch.  What does that tell you?  Do I miss working?  Hell, no.  I miss the money, is what.  True confession.

Been cooking up a storm of diet recipes.  Found a kickass carrot soup (Asian) with practically no fat.  Will post the recipe later.

Happy New Year!  I attended MLK memorial service yesterday.  Good to remember how far we've come and how much further to go.

Onward.  Onward.


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