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What I Wore: an exurban matron confesses

Every Sunday the New York Times Style section has a column entitled What I Wore.   Naturally what one wears in Manhattan is totally different than in suburbia, or exurbia, especially when the snow snaps the branches and the power goes out for days.  Ya gotta stay warm. 

The New York Times: What I Wore

What I Wore
Thursday, 8: a.m. aerobics/weight training class.  First time in my gray New Balance Cross Trainers.  Black mid-calf gym pants and a Beefy T from Bruno's in Gerlach, Nevada, "Where the Pavement Ends and the West Begins."  Later I changed into a new Vera Wang white, navy and black tie-died effect cotton shirt, and navy Chaps corduroy slacks and a vintage Jaeger navy wool blazer.  Maybe too matchy-matchy? Off to visit my friend D. who recently broke her arm.  It was raining, so it tossed on a tan Burberry rain waterproof windbreaker. Arrived with a plant, fresh muffins and chocolates.

Friday:  to run some local errands, I pull on the navy Chaps cords again and a grey long-sleeved shirt I bought years ago in Hudson, NY.  Kind of fleecy but not fleece.  Wore my black Nike walking shoes from Nordstrom's.  Love their practicality.

Saturday:  grocery shopping.  Would you believe the Chaps navy cords again?  I tossed on a purple Gap t-shirt and a pink sweatshirt with Palm Beach in green script on the front. Purchased at the late, lamented Wellesley used clothing sale, the year before it closed.  To dine at the neighbors, I decided on brown NYDJ jeans and a cotton sweater with big blocks of various shades of brown and tan.  Wore a vintage Neiman-Marcus thick cashmere cardigan.  Brown Sperry oxfords, because we were on foot  and the snow was coming down like crazy. 

Later that night we hear the branches cracking and falling.  The power goes off. 

Sunday:  power still off.  Decide I can really get one more day out of the navy corduroy Chaps.  Jockey long undershirt with a thick greige cable knit cashmere turtleneck from Neiman-Marcus provide more layers.  This is yet another vintage sweater.  Cable knit is good again as is the color.  Yowza!  Smart Wool socks from Clarks to keep my tootsies warm in the now chilly house.  Bjorn sheepskin slippers are amazingly toasty, especially in front of a roaring fire with the snow melting off the broken branches outside.  Cat is on my lap.  We decide to have berry pancakes and bacon to keep Jack Frost at bay.    I spend the rest of the day reading the manuscript for my latest novel on my Kindle.

Monday:  Brrrr. Power still off.  House cold.  Finally ditched the Chaps navy cords for my faded green cords from Lee.  Topped them with the white Jockey undershirt and a pale green tweed cashmere sweater, thick and soft, a vintage from Brooks Brothers. It retains body heat, especially when topped with the brown cashmere cardigan.  A fresh pair of Clarks Smart Wool socks with the right shades of brown and green complimented the selections.  Monday night is writing group.  To go out, I wore my Barbour quilted brown jacket.  Not too shabby. Charged my cell phone. Whoopee!

Tuesday:  Still no power at home and not at the 'Y' either, so I had to skip my workout.  Wore the green Lee cords and the Brooks Brother's sweater again.  We drove to the Volkswagen dealer in North Attleboro and I recharged my Kindle and picked up email on my IPOD while the car was serviced.  I wore a red Lands End Fleece pullover.  We decided to see The Three Musketeers, and were getting ready to leave when voila, the lights came on, and the various appliances began to beep or hum.  Music to the ears.  Was able to ditch the red fleece pullover as the house warmed up.

Wednesday:  nada on the calendar.  I love Wednesdays.  I stayed in my fleecy tan Nautica robe and P.J.s all morning, making chicken soup from the thawed breasts.  The tree men came and ground up the fallen branches.  I took a shower and washed my hair, glad for the balmy bathroom.  For a walk around the neighborhood, I wore blue denim NYDJ jeans and a black cotton sweater from Land's End.  Almost 70 degrees outside.  My New Balance sneakers felt good.  Wore the Barbour coat without a clutch of sweaters.

So it's been a week of various fashion statements, all of them in casual pants and vintage cashmere sweaters.  Isn't that what living in the country is all about, even when the lights are on?  Oh yes, one last thing.  When I say "vintage," well, that's a code word for "old."   

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