Thursday, September 08, 2011

Goodnight Irene and Hello Lee, you SOB and Hooray for Hawaiian Breakfasts

The rains came, and came and came.  It pour buckets and then cats and dogs.  Cold, icky, omnipresent rain.  From Lee, I understand.  Irene didn't dump nearly this much on us.  Phooey!

We want to go into town tonight to a PEN event.  Looks like it may have stopped.  I do hope so.  Can I make a confession?  Last night we ate canned corned beef hash and Spam the night before.  The "confession" is that both tasted wonderful.  Low salt Spam, of course, with baked beans (vegetarian) and a salad of asparagus and cucumbers.  Last night we had asparagus and tomato, looked so lovely, and fresh broccoli, buttered.  Hit the spot with the salty corned beef hash.  I sauteed extra onions and cleared a spot in the center of the skillet for a fried egg for S.O.  Then we had homemade peach ice cream for dessert.

Sometimes I see elderly people who have that "lean and hungry" look.  I think they are leading the low-fat lifestyle.  No one will ever say that about us.Sometimes we even have wine with lunch with occasional forays into forbidden pastures.  Yup.  Ah, and the leftover Spam sauteed with eggs was delish.  Our whole family likes Spam, and my youngest was pleased to discover that a Hawaiian breakfast was Spam, rice and eggs.  Spam is very popular in Asia.  Go figure.  One of the New England travel writers was always complaining about that.  So be it.

Off to the post office, now the the rains have abated.  Feeling somewhat frisky.


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This was my 1500th post. I can't believe it. Yowza!