Monday, September 05, 2011

Burning Man and I wasn't there

The Man burned Saturday and the Temple on Sunday, and I wasn't there.  And my name was selected for the airport food service, Bites of Passage.   The Burning Man theme for 2011 was "Rites of Passage."  Ha. Ha.  They always pick a great theme.  50,000 burners.  Hard to imagine.  From space the city was beautiful, so orderly and so neat, but we know the view from the ground was much different.  Ah god, I missed the fire dancers, and the vehicles belching flames and the techno music and waking at dawn half-frozen and center camp and the general ambiance, which must be experienced to be understood.  Not there!  Crap.

And our Internet service was down for 8 of the last 9 days, so I could not query literary agents about Festival Madness, my Burning Man novel. 

However, good things can still happen.  Will happen?  Must happen?  Whatever.

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