Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene Cometh and Beantown Clobbered By Motown

The rain woke me at 6:30 a.m.  Not my usual Sunday wake-up time.  No wind yet.   Decided to get up and make the pesto sauce in the blender before the power went out.  Nice fresh basil picked yesterday.  You never know how the garden will survive a storm.  My flowers are just at their peak again.  Sigh.  All the heavy pots are crowded together in a protected spot.

Decided to take a shower while I could still see.  Too weird to shower in the dark.  Cats seemed calm.  Reading New York Times Book Review to find Kindle books for an upcoming trip.  Looked at "combined" best seller list and saw nothing, and didn't even find anything on the hard cover best seller list.  Maybe I will just read what Obama did.  Looked like a good list in spite of the sniping.  So far as I know, almost off the recent presidents have liked mysteries and crime stories.

Thought about cleaning a few leaves and crud out of the storm drain, but that is probably a lost cause.  Still considering.  Last night's Boston baseball was too tedious with all the rain delays in the double headers.  The Sox did well.  Not so with the Patriots.  What happened there?  Beantown clobbered by Motown. 

Now I am running the dishwasher to get the last dishes.  Laundry done.  Food prepared.  By the way I make the pesto for a chicken pesto dish.  It's just bite-sized pieces of white meat chicken dressed with Pesto Genovese.   My recipe is from the old Time-Life Cooking of Italy series.   Best Pesto Ever!  In addition, we're having the rest of the orzo salad, a Mediterranean salad that was delicious.  I first ate the chicken pesto at Bertucci's, a Boston restaurant chain that started in Kendall Square and always had the best food.  It was part of an antipasto platter.  I don't think they have the dish anymore.  It is alas, gone, like the stuffed clams and the mussels au gratin at Legal Seafood.  So chez Grapeshot we have delicious foods that require absolutely no prep tonight.  And wine.  Leftover peasant plum tart for dessert.  Lots of Sunday papers to read and the necessary light to read by.  Plenty of cat food.  Yes, the cats must eat. 

The serious part of the storm is to get here in a few hours.  We're ready, but of course, nature can play some nasty tricks.  Very nasty.  Stay safe.

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