Monday, July 04, 2011

Wilson's Barbeque

We've been taking a lot of car trips from Beantown to the Big Apple.  Via the Food Network and Guy's Big Bite, I discovered Wilson's Barbeque in Fairfield, CT.  The last trip was at a time not conducive to stopping for barbeque, but yesterday was, and so armed with instructions, we pulled off of 95 and travelled a short distance to Wilson's.

We got one pulled pork platter with sides, to share, but the St. Louis ribs looked so toothsome, I got a half side of them, too.  We were still full from breakfast, so we stuck the bag in the trunk and headed for home. with me salivating all the way.  As luck would have it, there were "rain delays" on the road and we got home late and hungry.  Heated up the pulled pork, the beans and the ribs.  Put everything on the dining room table and dug in.

Yowza!  This was good stuff.  The pulled pork was primo.  We had enough left for a modest lunch, because we are on a perpetual diet and didn't eat everything although I could have, easily.  The sauce was kickass, but one didn't really need it.  The mark of good barbeque is when you don't need sauce. 

The cashier and the guys behind the counter couldn't have been nicer.  Place was busy, and the reason was obvious once we tasted the product.  Oh my!  Died and gone to heaven. 

We will certainly put Wilson's on our travel map.  It was very close to the Interstate and was easy to find and even easier to get back onto 95 North and keep on truckin.'  An amazing find in Fairfield, Connecticut. 

I brake for barbeque! 

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