Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ten Minute Dessert

Happy Father's Day!  Don't overfeed Dad, but make something he likes.  Last night we had the strawberry tart for th 2nd day because it was so delicious the first.

Free form strawberry tart 

I buy Pillsbury pie crusts in the dairy department.  Almost  as good as homemade and no mess.  I put some baker's paper (parchment paper)  on the cookie sheet so as to avoid the "runny fruit" mess.

Unroll the room temp. crust onto the parchment paper.   In a bowl put strawberries (I eyeball them.  1 1/2 - 2 cups. If you make too many, just eat them), a little grated lemon or orange rind, a squeeze of lemon or orange juice, some sugar to taste and a sprinkle of instant tapioca (to thicken the juices).  Mix well and dump into the center of the pastry.  Crimp edges around the berry mixture.  If you like, brush the pastry with a little cream or egg wash.  Nice but not necessary.  Put into a 425 degree oven until the pastry is cooked and golden.  Let cool, cut into 4 services and eat, preferably topped with whipped cream (canned is all right, just don't buy "topping.") or vanilla ice cream.  I cut up the berries a bit if they are large.
This goes together in a flash and the bang for the buck is huge.

My character Emma would cook this up for one of her many lovers.  Even her husband.  When The Shadow Warriors first came out in 2001 (ye gods!) some book web site had it slotted under "spicy romance."   La di dah!

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