Sunday, May 29, 2011

Seven (7) Suspenseful Sentence Sunday - May 29

The narrator, Emma, is having an uncomfortable lunch in Frankfurt, Germany with an old friend. 

             "Think of this little favor as a reward for my never having blabbed about you and that lifeguard." She looked squarely into my eyes, and I blushed protesting, "But that was when we were in high school!"
            "We haven't changed much, have we?"
            The waiter presented our entrees. The sight and aroma of the food beckoned, for the Bordeaux had condensed my appetite to a burning hunger. In wine-drenched sentimentality, we clinked glasses to the strong, binding old ties and memories. Then we dug into the meal like the Kansas farm girls we used to be.

From The Shadow Warriors.  The novel has scenes set in Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambridge, MA, Frankfurt, Baden-Baden, Brussels and Göttingen, Germany where most of the action occurs at the University.   

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Love that last line.
Release day for Target Identified is tomorrow, June 1