Monday, May 09, 2011

A Non-Traditional Mothers Day

Appalled that I haven't posted for a week.  In New York for a writing event.  Back home to get ready for the Toastmasters District Conference.  Lots of last minute changes that kept me glued to email and spread sheets.  Conference was Saturday with inspiring speakers, including one, Rory Vaden, who talked about procrastination, a topic all of us, including moi, need to take to heart.   A fun meal at Acquitaine after the conference, to celebrate Mother's Day Saturday instead of Sunday with crowds, bad service, screaming kids and well, yanno, not exactly a relaxing experience.

A friend came to visit and we took a hike through the woods and had a pleasant Sunday.  I made spaghetti and meatballs, not exactly a traditional Mother's Day entree, but somehow right.  Accepted phone calls, flowers, etc.  Very satisfying.  The meat balls are from the New York Times International Cookbook of yore.  Sicilian meat balls, the best I've ever eaten and I never make anything else.  Good garlic bread and a decent salad.  We were too full for dessert which would have been some homemade rhubarb bread.
  Rhubarb Bread  

My "to do" list is absolutely frightening.  Well, one task at a time.  Today is catch up day.  We fed the Scottish Highland Cattle.  Iris and Maggie are old and rambunctious and calfless.  They treat the bull badly and try to hog all the food.  Both bullies.

The little hummingbird is back.  I wonder  if he had to fly through the terrible storms.  It's always such a marvelous relief when they return.  I keep fresh sugar water out at all times, replentished weekly.  The beautiful paper white narcissus I planted last year are now blooming, and the red azalea burst into bloom yesterday in time for Mother's Day.  Sometimes the gifts are spontaneous and just right.

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