Sunday, May 22, 2011

7 Suspenseful Sentence Sunday - May 22

The opportunistic Bulgarian, Georgi Balakov, one of the bad guys in The Shadow Warriors, has seated himself with Emma, our narrator at a cafe in an outdoor garden.  This is part of his soliloquy about life in West Berlin from an Eastern European point of view. 

The tranquil garden, with orange nasturtiums cascading along the fence, and subdued classical music soothing the diners, emphasized the unreality of this encounter. 
Balakov, sitting as impenetrable and in-your-face as the Wall dividing Germany, continued to talk. "When I first traveled to the West, my earliest business took me to Berlin. It was February, so cold and dismal, and yet, I wondered if I had arrived in a time machine with everyone, men and women walked about wrapped in leather or fur. What a wonderful Stone Age tribe—so elegant, so brisk. I was eager and raw then, an underdog hungering for the opulent capitalist bone, so meaty and full of fat. There would, I hoped, be no more gristle to chew. 

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