Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Vixen Speaks

Two Kits at Play

Mama staring at the people staring out the window 

I see you looking at me from high and also from low.  Being stared at by humans is displeasing to me.  Even more displeasing is your staring at my kits while they play.  I am staring back at you.  My demands are simple.  Do not come into my territory while the kits are out of the den.  Never approach them or me or the den.  Make no loud noises and create no strange odors.  Remain in your own den while my kits become used to their territory.  My kits must be allowed to grow strong and healthy. 

I have observed you and have seen no disrespect, but I am always waiting, always wary and always on guard.  Make sure that no members of the dog species disturb us.  I can deal with dogs but would rather not.                                             

If you follow my simple rules, we will live in peace and mutual respect.  

This is what the fox "said" to me while I watched her.  She seemed very focused on my understanding her wants.  The five little kits play and jump and frolic and seem intent on conveying the phrase "glad animal spirits."  Around midnight one evening, there was an awful noise below my window and I believe the fox caught a rabbit.  Foxes are omnivorous and eat everything, but we have been careful not to feed them.   Otherwise, one may end of with a "nuisance."  Now they just fascinate and enchant.  

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Lindsay said...

I love the way you portrayed the mother fox. Caring, concerned, careful.