Monday, March 14, 2011

Pretty dumb

Presidential Material?
I haven't been posting as much as I usually do.  The reason?  I'm getting one novel ready for the Kindle.  I'm getting a second novel ready to query some agents.  A third novel is undergoing who-knows-how-many rewrites.  I've exchanged manuscripts with a friend and I owe her some comments and a critique.  Oh yes, I'm taking a pacing class with homework.  Yesterday I went to a workshop.  In between times, I shower and cook and did I mention I'm working on the Toastmaster's District conference?   Just turned in the tax workbook.  Visits to the gym.  Trips to the supermarket.  That sort of thing.  

No need to mention the new blog to advertise the Kindle book (The Shadow Warriors) or the posts on Amazon and all that rot.  Nope.  Not a word.  I've been tweeting because it's fast but not so much on Facebook.  

However, I do still know the difference between Massachusetts and New Hampshire and I sure as hell know the shot heard round the world was not fired in New Hampshire.  It's a source of appalled amazement that historical illiterates have the gall to run for president.  Maybe there should be a test of basic knowledge one need pass before running for office, the kind of test any high school junior can pass.  A little American history, civics, political science and yea, geography, as in can  you really see Russia from Anchorage?   Maybe a wee knowledge of foreign affairs and other countries.  Man, the candidates would be  dropping like big green flies after a flit of DDT.   

The problem with know-nothings is that they, well, er, know nothing.   The gaffes committed by the perhaps candidates lately have been truly astounding.  And Mitt Romney seems to have forgotten that Obamacare was modeled after Romneycare.  I have never  found stupidity attractive, but apparently some people do.  And most of the candidates are not even blond.  What is their excuse? 

BTW I am a little blond, as in streaky hair by way of foil.  Just so you know.  

Maybe I should have my cats run for office.  They wouldn't lie, cheat or steal and they make no bones about being smart.  Food, water, a ball,  a little catnip and a warm bed.  They know and understand their world.  Hey, what a novel thought!

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