Sunday, February 06, 2011

Seven Suspenseful Sentence Sunday - Week Five

Below is the beginning of a mystery novel that I'm trying to sell.  Does it have suspense?  Unanswered questions?  Do you want to find out what happens?  I've changed the beginning several times.  Beginnings are hard.  Endings are even harder, but literary agents don't read the ending before they reject your novel.  Nope!  They read the beginning.  Because I worked in technology for a donkey's age, I usually put some aspect of technology into my writing. The novel is titled, Promiscuous Mode.  Tell me what you think.  Would YOU read on?

Sex seldom rears its head during a technical presentation, but the minute I noticed him, I knew he was going to hit on me. His just-for-you smile, like we shared a secret joke, and his half-lidded bedroom eyes gave him away. He sat in a Chicago hotel conference room with fifty other attendees, the audience for our dog and pony show, Conduct Your Own IT Autopsy, a snoozer for anyone but techies. We stood while the meeting honcho announced, “please  welcome Wayne Wendel and Emma Lee Devens of Nemecek Associates in Cambridge, Massachusetts.”  Thumbs flying, the mystery man keyed on his cell phone during our introducion. I suspected he had entered my name into contacts. 
Waste of time, Romeo.

One of my books that is available as a trade paperback AND on the Kindle is The Shadow Warriors.  It has lots of suspenseful scenes, and some funny ones, too.  You can find it on Amazon. 
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Congratulations to the players and fans of Green Bay.  What a great thing for a little city. 

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