Saturday, February 12, 2011

In Disgrace

My Facebook account caught a virus which sent itself to 200+ friends, and after I deleted each and every message, Facebook blocked me from sending links. 

The MWA newsletter that arrived today had some interesting links to online writing advice.  Here is a link  you may profit by:

Writing Advice  

The writer is Janet Finch and she has some trenchant suggestions. 

How does it feel to be in the doghouse?  Baaaaad.  Sometimes I think I've spent the better part of my life smarting from something I did wrong, didn't do, didn't say, should have said, blundering along like a blind dog in a meat house (my Dad's phrase).  This person becomes a black sheep.   I wrote a story about that once, and even gave a speech at Toastmasters about black sheephood.  Did you know that black sheep are undesirable because THEIR WOOL CAN'T BE DYED.   Today's fact. 

I'm going to crawl back under my rock.



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