Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Number 1 Naked Ladies of the Evening Detective Agency

A week or so ago,  on Facebook, I mentioned how much we had enjoyed viewing the DVD of The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency, which had been shown some time back on HBO.  The show was actually suitable for my young granddaughter who loved it, in other words, no sex or violence and no bad language.  I  do diligent research to find something suitable (and interesting) for three generations to watch.  My Facebook post garnered a few comments, all mild.

Imagine my surprise, consternation, yea, horror today when I was Googling "Grapeshot" and found my post or some reference to it on two sex video web sites.  I didn't click on the sites because I wouldn't  give them the satisfaction of a click, and I don't want to run a scan on my computer to see what ick they left behind, but this is definitely weird and I assume software agents are out there roaming through Facebook picking up the letters "DVD" and perhaps "LADIES" and adding them to, well, to porn sites.

This is both aggravating and funny, because the DVD is about as far from a sex video as you can get, and Jill Scott is a wonderful actress who portrays the character so well, but "sexy" is not an apt description of her or the series or actually, any other character on it.

Should I complain to Facebook? I haven't decided

 One can almost imagine a raging customer who had expected naked girls and whatever to go screaming back to the website with  his disappointment.   So maybe I get the last laugh?  Nonetheless, it's galling.


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