Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cold Comfort Food

Stirring the cooked noodles into the dish
The snow remains a heavy white blanket, yea a veritable thick down duvet over our little neighborhood.  The hungry birds cling to the suet and gather on and below the farm porch to eat the scattered seed.  Squirrel comes to, and the menage a trois of doves.  A flock of greedy blue jays arrived yesterday.  Eats!

The cats are eating what they always eat, and huddling with us in the bedroom at night.   Thisbe was particularly affectionate yesterday, and Rulon allowed me to  (partially) groom the lumps on his lower flanks.  We declared catnip on the house, and the bird watching was fine, indeed.

The humans feasted on Yakisoba  with Pork and Cabbage, a fine Asian dish.  I found the fresh Chinese egg noodles at Roche Brothers, nine ounces instead of the required 10-12.  More of that later.  I love taste recipes with some meat and lots of healthful veggies.  The dish called for plenty of fresh ginger, cabbage and carrot.  We had a salad of lettuce and oranges, and well,   it was all soooo healthy and soooo good that we ate more than half, which was to feed us tonight.

This morning I got out the recipes, and found a 2009 Bon Appetit recipes for Shrimp and Green Onion Pancakes.  I can make half  recipe and we can have a little Asian smorgasbord while we watch the playoff games.  I am for the Bears and the Patriots,  and should they meet, it will be Patriots all the way.  The New York Jets have been trash talking all week, but we are above such shenanigans.

Here is the recipe for the Yakisoba. Yakisoba with Pork and Cabbage

Photos are below.  This was easy to make and I staged everything so that when it came time to cook,  the prep. was routine.   The pork cooked up so tender and yea, toothsome.
Sauteing the cabbage and carrot after ginger and pork have been browned

Finished Production, served with a salad of iceberg and fresh orange slices

The pancakes look simple enough and should compliment the Yakisoba.  Here is a link to the Bon Appetit recipe.
Shrimp and Green Onion Pancakes

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