Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another White Meal

There was supposed to be broccoli, but cauliflower was on sale, so I bought that.  Chicken breast, pasta, and cauliflower.  White, white, white. Good, too.  The photo is an image of our "lunch" leftovers. The roasted cauliflower was awesome. 

Tonight we had black bean chili with yellow corn bread. The real McCoy with no (yecch) sugar and no flour.  Stone ground corn meal.  Cooked in a hot cast iron skillet.  You can't get any more authentic than that.  We ate carrot sticks, dill pickles, and cherry tomatoes in lieu of a salad.

Unlike last night's, this meal was colorful.  The chili was hot, but not so fiery that the box of Kleenex was on the table. The recipe is from Southern Living.  I found some small, reduced for quick sale strip steaks and used those.  The recipe is easy to follow and is very flavorful, even toothsome.  Chili without meat is not chili, it's spicy beans. 

Here is a link to the recipe:  Southern Living Chili con Carne

Chili is perfect for a blizzardy day like today.  Fortunately, the electricity came back on and I wasn't cooking in dim light.  Notice the Christmas cloth is still on the table, the last remnant (except the wreath) of the holiday. 

One cat (Thisbe) is purring loudly on my desk and the Orange Outrage (Rulon) is sitting on Significant Other's Chest.  A house with cozy cats is a warm, furry place. 

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